Towards a Working Definition of Internet Governance

Members of the WGIG started discussions on a working definition of Internet governance. The term “working definition” would not imply a perfect, or permanent definition, but was to be seen as an approach towards a description that would enhance the preparation of the content of the report. The working definition should also include an enabling dimension.

A convergence of views emerged, based on the following observations:

  • the terms ‘governance’ and ‘govern’ mean more than ‘government activities’;
  • the enabling dimension includes organized and cooperative activities between different stakeholders; and
  • Internet governance encompasses a wider range of conditions and mechanisms than IP numbering and domain name administration.

More about the discussion on the working definition is contained in the Chairman's introductory statement to the WSIS PrepCom-2.  

Some definitions of Internet and Internet governance have already been provided by:

- Mr. Richard Hill, International Telecommunication Union

- Ms. Patrice A. Lyons, Corporation for National Research Initiatives

More definitions will be posted in due course. Comments are welcomed and will be published on this site.