Banks, Karen

Networking and Advocacy Coordinator, Association for Progressive Communications; Director, GreenNet, London

Karen Banks is a networking pioneer who has worked with ICTs and their application as a tool for social change since 1990. She coordinates the Association For Progressive Communications’ (APC) participation in the WSIS process and has been active in facilitation of the Civil Society content and themes group and an active member of the Human Rights, Information Security, Gender and European caucuses and working groups. She leads APC’s work in the CRIS (Communication Rights in the Information Society) campaign and has recently taken up position as Networking and Advocacy Coordinator for APC after coordinating APC's Women's Networking Support Programme for 8 years. She is a Director of GreenNet (the APC Member in the UK) and trustee of Privacy International, an international privacy rights and civil liberties watchdog based in the UK.