Keith Davidson


Keith Davidson is Executive Director for InternetNZ. He has been a member of that organisation since 1998 and has served in voluntary governance roles with InternetNZ, including the last 4 years up to 16 June 2005 as President. Mr Davidson was recently recruited as the permanent head of staff.


InternetNZ is a not for profit incorporated society with an open membership policy, and is the IANA delegation holder for the .nz country code top leveldomain. InternetNZ closely aligns with ISOC principles, and has a mission for New Zealand of "an open and uncaptureable Internet". The NZ Government has no formal relationship with InternetNZ, but formally endorses its ongoing processes both in the management of the .nz namespace and in its broad scope of Internet governance activities. This provides a very useful

example of a fully functional public private partnership. See for further details.