Doria, Avri

Providence, RI, Technical Consultant


Avri Doria earned a BA in Philosophy from the University of Rhode Island, an MA in Philsophy with a concentration in cognitive studies from the University of Chicago and an MA in Counseling Psychology from Rhode Island College. She also read for an advanced research on intelligent systems at the University of Chicago. She is currently completing a Ph.D. in the Humanities, Social Science and Technology department at Blekinge University of Technology in Sweden on Technopolitics and the Internet. She tends to view the issues of technology, technology policy, technology rights, technology responsibilities and the politics of technology as interwoven and inseparable. From having lived within several cultures, she brings to most discussions an inherently cross-cultural perspective. In practical terms, her specialty in Internet technology is the routing architecture, its protocols and its policies. For the last several years she has been involved in the UN ICT Task Force for Development. As a speaker at ICT4D in Geneva she spoke on the problems that are encountered in bringing Internet connectivity to communications challenged areas. She has participated in, and spoken at, several ICT Task Force conferences on access and connectivity. This work has made her cognizant of the problems (technological, cultural, political and regulatory) involved in trying to bring networking to those who currently do not have such access in many areas of the world. She is currently a technical consultant and a researcher affiliated to Lulea University of Technology, Sweden.