Erriah, Dev

Port Louis, Chairman, ICT Authority of Mauritius


Mr Erriah is barrister-at-law who specialised in the legal aspect of offshore business activities, international and domestic tax law, international financial techniques, cross border insolvency, economic crime and money laundering. He holds a combined Master of Law (LLM) from University College London and the London School of Economics (1997).  His has worked as barrister at law and legal consultant at Erriah & Uteem Chambers, but his career encompasses a range of legal consultancies for such organisations as Deutsche Bank, Investec, Standard Chartered Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Fortis Bank, BNPI and governments (Tanzania, Madagascar, USA). He also acted as legal consultant inter alia for several other organizations, including Simmons & Simmons, the Saudi Bank, Citibank, Ernst & Young, Schroders, Allen & Overy, Alcatel, Nortel Networks and Barclays Bank. In addition, he has experience in the privatisation of post, oil sector, and environment protection. One of his recent major initiatives is a project of “Integrated Banking System” for the merger of onshore and offshore banking in Mauritius, a project that culminated into the Banking Bill introduced in the Parliament of Mauritius in August 2004, together with the FSC, the Bank of Mauritius and the Association of Offshore Banks.