Shope-Mafole, Lyndall

Pretoria, Chairperson, Presidential National Commission on Information Society and Development, South Africa


Shope-Mafole has held numerous posts on world telecoms bodies, including: member of the restructuring implementation team on the Pan-African Telecommunications Union and member of the Group of Experts on the common Telecommunications Policy Framework for the Southern African Development Community, as well as being vice-chair of the1998/99 Session of the Council of the ITU in 1998. The following year she chaired the 1999/2000 Session of Council of the ITU and the Working Group on ITU Reform. In the same year she was vice-chair of the Penang Working Party on the Privatisation of Intelsat, as well as vice-chair of the 22nd Congress of the UPU, and a member of High Level Group on the future development of the UPU.  Lyndall Shope-Mafole is currently Chairperson of the National Presidential Commission on Information and Communications Technology for Sustainable Development, South Africa.