Morris, Jacqueline A.

Port of Spain, Consultant


Jacqueline Morris, a 2000-2001 Hubert H Humphrey (Fulbright) Fellow from Trinidad and Tobago, is currently independently developing e-commerce projects to benefit entrepreneurs in developing countries, especially the Caribbean. She has been involved in Internet ventures since 1994, having been seduced from her previous field of Chemical Engineering by this new frontier. Her latest projects include utilizing the Internet to market and promote Trinidad and Tobago entertainment ventures, including conceptualizing, producing and managing the first successful Pay per View webcasts of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival in 2003 and 2004. Her main interests lie in encouraging women and girls' participation in the fields of Science and Technology, e-commerce, entrepreneurship and innovation in start-up Internet companies. She is also on the Steering Committee for the Gender Caucus of the WSIS, working to include women and girl's issues in the UN plan for ICT, and was an integral part of the team at the Geneva conference in December 2003. She has worked with the team on the development of a new model for virtual collaboration, as well as the positions that the GC has lobbied for in the first phase of the WSIS. In 2003 she was presented the Faith Wiltshire award for her work in Gender and ICT in Trinidad and Tobago. She spent several years working for the Trinidad and Tobago Government in the agency responsible for Trade and Tourism development and Investment Promotion, where she was instrumental in developing a company policy that utilized the Internet to a large scale in investment promotion. She has worked as a consultant for UNAIDS, CIDA and other international agencies, managing and developing software projects to support their work in developing countries, mainly in the Caribbean area. She is also an active member of several IT groups in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, working to liberalise the telecommunications regimes in the Caribbean. She also teaches part-time at the University of the West Indies in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Management Studies, introducing non-technical students to the world of the Internet and technology. Her work as a member of the Executive of the Fulbright Alumni Association of Trinidad and Tobago has involved her in pulling together position papers on diverse subjects, such as building codes for hurricane prone areas, crime, and HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean. She has also been involved in charity fund-raising, most recently for victims of Hurricane Ivan in Grenada. She has a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the UWI, Trinidad, an MS in Chemical Engineering from UFSCar, Brazil, and an MS in Engineering Science (Environmental Management) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York.