Zens, Jean-Paul

Luxembourg, First Counselor, Director of the Media and Telecom Department, Ministry of State of Luxemburg


Jean-Paul Zens graduated in law and in psychology from the University of Strasbourg (France) in 1979. After two years of private practice in Luxembourg, he was appointed assistant prosecutor’s office. In 1985, he joined the diplomatic service (department of international economical affairs.) to represent Luxembourg’s interests at the international level in the field of media and communications. In 1993, he accepted the job as Director of the Media and Audiovisual Department of the Prime Minister’s Office, later renamed “Media and Telecommunications Department». This department has been set up in order to accompany the convergence of media, telecommunications et information technologies. It handles the coordination of all matters related to media policy including Internet, content, data protection and all regulatory aspects linked to these matters. Since1993, Jean-Paul Zens is also the Government representative on the Board of Directors of SES-GLOBAL, the Luxembourg-based satellite operator (www.ses-global.com). Since 1995, Mr. Zen also represents Luxembourg’s interest within RTL-Group as a Government commissioner.