Proposed template for issue papers:

1. Issue (what?)

Please identify an issue listed on the table "Inventory of Public Policy Issues" and describe this issue.




2. Attribution to category / ies

Please attribute the issue to one or more of the five categories on the table "Inventory of Public Policy Issues and Priorities".




3. SWOT Analysis

Please assess the strengths and weaknesses of the present system (internal factors). What are its opportunities and threats (external factors)?




4. Actors (who, with whom?)

Please identify the main actor (government, private sector, civil society or international organization) dealing with this issue and who else among the relevant stakeholders is involved.




5. Forums (where?)

(a) who participates

(b) nature of forum

Please describe where this issue is being discussed or dealt with? Do these meetings make decisions? What is the nature of possible decisions? Who participates in discussions and decision-making processes? What are the decision-making procedures?



6. Governance mechanisms (how?)

(a) objectives of the rules system

(b) content of principles, norms and rules

Please describe the overarching objectives of the rules system or norms in question. What is the actual content of the principles, norms and rules designed to achieve these objectives?


7. Adequacy measured against criteria / benchmarks set out in Declaration of Principles:

(a) multilateral

(b) transparent

(c) democratic

(d) capacity to address Internet governance in a coordinated manner

(e) multi-stakeholder approach

(f) other

Please assess whether the mechanisms described above are adequate when measured against the criteria or benchmarks set out in the Declaration of Principles. Are they multilateral, transparent and democratic? Are they addressed in a coordinated manner? Are they based on a multi-stakeholder approach? Are there other principles they respect or should respect?




8.Additional comments

Please make any additional comments you may wish to make with regard to this issue.