The WGIG met in Geneva from the 14th to the 18th of February. The schedule was as follows:

* 14 February: Plenary Meeting of WGIG (open for observers without the right to speak)

* 15 / 16 February: Open Consultations (click here for a summary report)

* 17/18 February: Closed Meeting of WGIG (to prepare the preliminary report presented to WSIS PrepCom-2)

Simultaneous interpretation was available in all six UN languages for the open meetings. Click here to view the agenda, the time management plan and the list of participants.

The Chairman of the WGIG, Mr Nitin Desai, transmitted a Preliminary Report to the President of the WSIS Preparatory Committee, Ambassador Janis Karklins, and ITU Secretary-General Yoshio Utsumi in his capacity as WSIS Secretary-General. The report was discussed by the Preparatory Committee on 24 February 2005.

Material discussed at the Meeting included an issue list and issue papers, based on the following template, as well as the first comments received. The WGIG also started discussions on a working definition of Internet governance

The WGIG open meetings were webcast. Click here to download the webcast recordings.

The webcasting was provided by OMSP (Open Media Streaming Project)  and HIPATIA ONG. The servers for the streaming in Latin America were provided by the Ministerio para la Economia Popular de la Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela (Republic of Venezuela).

A summary report of the Open Consultations held in conjunction with the Second WGIG Meeting is available here

Comments received on issue papers have been grouped together in each issue area for easier reference. Click here to view the full list of comments. 

WSIS PrepCom Discussions of WGIG Preliminary Report

- Preliminary Report (click here to view translated versions in all UN languages)

- Introductory Statement by Chairman Nitin Desai

- Statements by Governments and other stakeholders

- Audiocast of the Plenary Meeting of the 24th of February  

- Official PrepCom Documents